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Project Description
A Collection of NETMF Code, including Libraries for 4DSystems displays, a simple UI Engine and other libraries and test programs

I will split the UI Engine and UI Editor, as well as the display drivers soon into their own projects.
This project will then become just a Terminal Program using those other projects.

Also many changes to the drivers and the editor, as well as the UI engine to make them more portable.
The UI engine and the 4D display driver are now included in the UI editor and allow to run the generated code directly (it is compiled using codedomprovider) using the 4D driver to a display connected to PC or using a dummy GDI driver.

Libraries & Stuff

  • A custom Firmware for the Netduino Mini to enable communicating using both UART & RS232 at once
  • A 4DSystems GOLDELOX & PICASO & VISI GENIE library (most important stuff is done, missing some functions, mostly file access)
  • A simple but quiet fast UI Engine with a window manager, windows (fullscreen and moveable window) and some controls (buttons,frames,lists,checkoxes etc.)
  • A simple UI Editor (not finished yet) to create the Code for the UI
  • Some random libraries like NDS Touchscreen or RDM630RFID which i wrote myself
  • Some random libraries i found useful - if credits are missing please contact me!

Netduino Mini Serial Monitor

A simple Serial Monitor written for the Netduino Mini using most of the stuff mentioned above and is the program to test everything out.
It also works on Netduino2 and should work on most other NETMF boards.

It includes:
  • A simple Terminal program to control devices with serial interfaces (RS232 or UART with a MAX323 in between)
  • Can change between deployment mode and RS232 using the change in the firmware
  • Windows using my UI Engine for controlling the Terminal program, changing settings and some debug/test windows
  • A send window for numbers, text, special characters and character codes as hex and decimal
  • Already works great to control to control or test a wide range of devices (I tested it with some UART modules (bluetooth,rfid,odb2 etc.) or measuring devices (scales, calipers, rpm sensors etc.)
  • Make the Terminal program worthwhile
    • It can only operate at about 20byte/s without crashing while showing the Output and receiving a steady amount of data (it works on way higher rates with the output disabled, some buffering for the display updates would help)
    • Add waaaaay more functions you would expect from a good Terminal program
    • Add Variable Answer Length
  • Add support to save data to the SD card on the 4DSystems display
  • Add support to load images from FAT instead of RAW
  • Add scripting support to automate device control and to format responses
  • Add LiPo/LiIon battery for power
  • Add offset system to use UI's created for bigger displays on the smaller ones
  • Finish UI Editor

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